Hi, I’m Dan Winckler. Here are some of the Things I Do, in rough chronological order from present to past.

  • provider of video production and consulting services as a partner at Really Useful Media
  • visualist and projection designer
  • developer/hacker of tools for live visual performance and creative archaeology, e.g., OpenEmu
  • volunteer co-organizer of Share, a not-for-profit support organization for audio, visual and new media artists
  • performing artist and educator in new media, improvisational theater, and networked collaboration as a part of Kidz Connect and VJ-U
  • former improvisational comedian with Gunshow and shooter/cinematographer/occasional actor with the group Neutrino
  • sometime Agent of Improv Everywhere
  • holder of fancy degrees: an M.S. in Integrated Digital Media from Polytechnic University (now the Polytechnic Institute of NYU), and a B.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies from the College of William and Mary
  • resident of Brooklyn, NY, and past resident of Virginia, Texas, and Belgium

I use this site to share what I’m up to, blog, showcase my work, and gather together my various web presences. You can also keep up with my goings-on via my mailing list, RSS feeds and on other places. Don’t believe everything you read in my blog — some of it’s quite old and grotty.

me and my brother pete me at MoveOn party