When in doubt, give

Last night I dreamt we went to Burning Man. It was beautiful: huge, sail-like tents/sculptures receding in staggered lines into the distance, obscured by the swirling dust. This morning I dreamt that there was a workman standing in Beth’s bedroom smoking a cigarette. I was outraged that he was smoking in the house and flicking ashes on the floor yet too torpid to get up and chew him out. Plus, I couldn’t smell it and Beth was blow-drying her hair and ignoring him.

Beth and I had a wonderful weekend. We had a little fight a week ago that helped us work out some boundary/space issues. After the scrap, the resolution and a day apart, things were/are peachy. On Saturday, we hung out with Georgia, who’s adjusting quite well to the city, and had dinner at Tortilla Flats, which actually has good salsa (surprise, surprise). Huge thanks go to Beth for helping me negotiate tricky geometries and complete my enormous maps QTVR. At Share, once we’d converted the Photoshop files into a QTVR movie and it’d spun on the screen for a while, Eric swapped cables with me so it was playing on the projecter — and I put a negative filter on it because high contrast stuff looks much better on that screen. Suddenly I noticed that the overlapping maps were causing moiré patterns: my seed idea from weeks ago that I’d almost forgotten about. It’s a really good feeling to realize my initial vision of this patch — I was so pleased that parts of me ceased to block photons.

Rhymes with “jerk”

Bjork’s new album is great. It’s almost entirely vocal — the beats and bass are supplied by beatboxers, including Rahzel. The Bjork.com special (subsite) is really nifty. Be sure to launch the Quicktime player.

O, you Nicene Creeders

David Kirkpatrick of the NY Times on the role of the evangelical Christian base in the Bush campaign. One speaker (a bishop) compares Bush to St. Athanasius. Eigh. Also, dogs in cars [mefi].

p.s. Google is ferociously expanding Gmail. If you’d like a Gmail account, just ask me for an invite.

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