My friend Chris Genoa has written a novel. It’s called Poof! and it’s really, really good. I should know: I’m one of the privileged (yes, and snotty) few to have read it already. Beth designed Chris’s website and Chris Daily (another old friend) did the illustrations. Since it went live, Chris has been blogging in the voice of a mite living in one of his eyelashes. The mite Pepino chronicles the death threats and impertinence of other insects upon the personage of the author. It’s hilarious.

Some friends and friends of friends have started a news satire website called FNN: Fake News Network. One friend Will Hines says: [People] say “Like what, The Onion? Like The Daily Show?” And I say, “Yes, like that.” Then I tell people how we are updating it every day. And then people say “Wow.” And I say “Yeah.” From what I’ve read, it’s lean and nasty*, fresh out of the gate. Perhaps they’ll fill the humorous caption gap now that Dennis Miller sucks.

Beth’s new site went live yesterday. I helped clean up the structure and spiff the code a bit. Readers of her original blog should enjoy it just as much, if not more. I enjoy it more because I’m in it more. 🙂

Now, I brave the floodéd streets and tunnels for fifty minutes of meditation and guidance. Nay, do not beg me to stay. Avaunt!

  • in the best sense of the word.

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