Weight for it…

Home now. Had a nice meetup with Anton to see how I could contribute to the new Share website. I’ll be focusing on enhancing accessibility for disabled users. Then he showed me Vade, the VJ application he’s been working on. It’s really sweet and I’m excited to be one of the beta (alpha?) users once Anton compiles it. (One of the cool aspects of MAX/MSP is that you can turn any patch into an application, thus sharing the wealth with those who can’t afford its weighty pricetag.)

After we’d dorked out in the extreme on XHTML, CSS, MAX/MSP, VDMX and other acronyms, we fell into a discussion of interfaces, improvisation, and the current limits on both of them in live video/audio performance. Anton seemed to feel — and I agree — that we’re close to the next great tipping point in interface design, like in the 80s when the GUI leapt into public use. We’re both quite keen on getting our grubby muscles twitching in the guts of the machine.


Wore a belt today to keep my pants from falling off my skinny butt. When I got weighed at my physical a couple weeks ago, I was surprised to find I was 140 lbs. For some reason, when I did induction last year I thought that I’d only dropped 15 lbs (from 160). I must have gotten down to 135 or so, actually. “Lean of face and strong of chest,” as my brother remarked in an email today. I owe it to staying plenty active, switching to diet soda, and snacking only rarely on good stuff like cashews. Also, heroin.

Procrastinate faster

> Seven things – If you’re too overwhelmed to even think about a big system, try this. Get to work early and make a list of exactly seven things that you can do by the end of the day. Each one should take no more than 30 minutes to complete, but try to make it just 10 or 20. Break one big project into seven little ones or just prioritize your clutter. Do the four you least want to do by 11:00, and I promise the remaining three will topple like fat kids.

43 Folders focuses on getting things done and Getting Things Done. It’s turned me on to Quicksilver and a lot of other cool apps and lifehacks. If you wanna try Quicksilver, consider Merlin’s suggestions for how to start with it.


I bought the Ultima Collection on eBay and it came in the mail last week. For those who don’t know, Ultimas I – VIII are PC-based role-playing games from the 80s and early 90s that set a high standard for those which followed. Using Exult for Ultima VII and Radnor for the rest, I’ve been living large in VGA. If you’d like to get your Avatar on without coughing up high dollar on eBay, i.e., “borrow” my CD, email me.

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