Fang of Gore

I was surprised and touched by all of you who wrote or commented to wish me well after my last post. I hadn’t realized I seemed so glum (then again, things are fairly monochromatic here in the Fortress of Solitude). I’m alright, thank you. I got Gang of Four’s Entertainment! for Xmas and it’s keeping my spirits up. I’m quite leery of posting about these things, out of respect for Beth, so if you don’t see me writing my heart on my sleeve, assume I’m happy.

Incidentally, I got a good appraisal at work for last year. Yay, the Dan. (That was a happy thought, right there.)

One Response to “Fang of Gore”

  1. Chris Says:

    Dan, I checked it and conferred with the judges and, aside from Russia, it’s unanimous: You. The. Man.