20051110 – history

Baudrillard discussion.

  • read raymmond William’s “Television”
  • send link to Ballard’s review of cinema book
  • get that book back from Dad

These would be the successive phases of the image: 1) It is the reflection of a basic reality. [sacrament] 2) It makes and perverts a basic reality. [malifice] 3) It masks the absence of a basic reality. [sorcery] 4) It bears no relation to any reality whatever: it is its own pure simulacrum. [simulation]

But what could art possibly mean in a world that has already become hyperrealist, cool, transparent and marketable?

  • ____ needs a hearing aid that is activated when anyone speaks, and whispers in their ear “but that’s just one person’s opinion and they could be wrong”. in this way, relativist contextualism might be continually propitiated.

  • historical visigoth, modern goth – dominic: ‘that’s your paper’

  • baudrillard’s post-human is nostalgic

  • read about Bataille’s ‘accursed share’

  • dominic: ‘my brain is full of cartoons and i’m neither miserable nor happy’

HOMEWORK: – Kittler’s introduction and some of the rest. Bukatman.

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