Well, after about a month off — bwa ha ha — I’m just about ready for school to start, though I’ve been enjoying my free time. Yesterday I went to the Met to see the exhibit of Rauschenberg’s Combines. Lively. Witty. Comely. Funny. Brilliant. Don’t be put off by the Met site’s dour blue background, Rauschenberg’s combines delights the eye. I had to beg my orbs to climb back in my head, they didn’t want to leave so bad — honest.

I was going to take a picture of one of the curator’s texts on the wall so I could remember it but I was firmly yet kindly dissuaded by a guard. Those poor guys and gals in their weiner suits.* What a lame job. I can’t remember what that bit of text read but I was really inspired by the accounts of Rauschenberg’s painting performances. It inspired an idea for a duo visualist show that I’m going to bounce it off some friends.

The combines had the whimsy going on.

brush collage

An idea for brush inspired by the combines: a Google image search component from which you can grab an image and paint with it. Code-wise, that’s very simple: take the mouse’s x/y coordinates and position the image there. Use a momentary switch to ‘paint’ it in. The only part that’d be hard (for me) to do is taking the image search results and displaying them in a way that makes them easy to choose.

brush news

Anton has incorporated brush into vade. Specifically, he’s added a chroma feedback effect: same idea, different interface — one much better than the one in brush. I’d like to release the next version of brush (0.1.1) in a way that makes it easy for Anton to incorporate it into vade as is….although as long as vade’s version has the same sensitivity (decay, tolerance at the moment) as brush, I’m happy.

* Said weiner suits are the descendants of noblemen’s livery — the uniforms of your own private army, basically. Yet how tepid and diluted they’ve become! I’d love to see the Met guards in something as florid and silly as the uniforms of the Swiss Guards.

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