Upcoming shows on Sept 27 and 28

Sept 27th I’m playing with Lance Blisters, stepping into the skin of Ilan Katin’s face-melting visuals once more.

Sept 28th I’ll be doing the visuals for Samita Sinha’s NAKED : a multimedia excursion, at NYU. Listen to some of Samita’s clips — this looks like it will be an interesting collaboration. Show info:

NAKED is a meditation on desire: the desire to belong and to express oneself, the desire for love and transcendence. For children of immigrants, these desires are informed by certain questions: what of our inheritance do we preserve, what do we transform, and to what degree? NAKED plays with these questions through a music performance of North Indian classical vocals fused with electronics, harmony, and global rhythms, against a backdrop of video of found visuals from classic Bollywood cinema, family photographs, and paintings. NAKED takes the nayika, the romantic heroine of classical South Asian art, as its departure point. Using the skeleton of her story– girl falls in love, breaks rules to enjoy and endure love’s trials, and glimpses transcendence as her beloved eludes her? The show describes what a post-identity, diasporic nayika sounds and feels like. Through 2,500 years of development in miniature paintings, temple sculptures, poetry, dance and music, the trope of the nayika’s quest has emerged as a complex metaphor for human desire. NAKED sets the nayika loose into the next frontier, the cracks between tradition and progress, for an enchanted journey that is as novel as it is ancient.

Friday, Sept 28, 7-9pm
Palladium Presentation Room A
NYU Wasserman Center
133 E 13 St, 2nd fl

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