two sets this weekend

Tonight I’ll be doing a set in the “VJ battle” at MediaLounge, a new festival at Grace Exhibition Space with a ton of cool-looking video installations. Come enjoy the open bar whilst I brain VJs with my pixel mace.

This Saturday, I’ll be jamming with CJ ( and Peter Shapiro at the Love Your Lane Ride after-party, a benefit for Time’s Up, the environmental, alternative-transportation (bikes) group, at an enormous, indoor skate park called the Autumn Bowl. I shall paint its mammoth walls with hearts and spades. And bikes (Excitebike FTW!).

p.s. I’ve put up one video from Saturday’s show — more to follow

at Grace Exhibition Space
840 Broadway, Brooklyn time: 6 pm (festival starts), 11pm (VJ battle)

Love Your Lane Ride after-party
at the Autumn Bowl
73 West St, Greenpoint, Bklyn time: 8:30pm
$9.99 door

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