Open Emu: video-glitching with unintended consequences

Open Emu: video-glitching with unintended consequences from Dan Winckler on Vimeo.

In this brief screencast, I show some of the video-glitching you can do with the Open Emu NES plugin (for Quartz Composer), resulting in some intriguing unintended consequences. In a nutshell, the video glitches can be physical, i.e., Mario and Luigi can step on the random blocks we’re writing to the screen. This opens up interesting possibilities for on-the-fly level-editing, cheats, and tormenting NES sprites.

Sorry about the somewhat crunchy audio — I accidentally captured it at a low sample rate.

3 Responses to “Open Emu: video-glitching with unintended consequences”

  1. George Toledo Says:

    Sooo…. I think this is basically AWESOME. I’ve even been working on editing/creating some ROMS. I’m holding out on rendering because of the beta-ness…. but maybe I don’t have to? When I have something unique, I’ll make a point of it.

  2. dan Says:

    Thanks, George. 🙂

    As long as you’re OK with the sometimes-broken-ness of the beta-ness, feel free to do anything you want with the plugins.

    Are you actually writing your own ROMs in assembly? if so, i’d love to see what you come up with.

  3. Giorgio Desa Says:

    Hello! I’m trying to start open emu nes with quartz composer ,everything seems to work but the viewer remains black no matter which nes rom I use.I watched demo videos but I could’nt find out the problem. Other patches in dmg work fine. Any help? Thanks