Recent visuals at Share Oct/Nov, 2011

Share 02_0000000657 Share 02_0000000811 Share 02_0000000806 Share 02_0000000805 Share 02_0000000794 Share 02_0000000780 Share 02_0000000591Share 02_0000000531
Share 02_0000000527Share 02_0000000526Share 02_0000000460Share 02_0000000449 Share 02_0000000446Share 02_0000000444Share 02_0000000428Share 02_0000000386
Share 02_0000000361Share 02_0000000356Share 02_0000000349Share 02_0000000330Share 02_0000000300Share 02_0000000013Share 02_0000000007Crunchy junk with potential

Recent visuals at Share Oct/Nov, 2011, a set on Flickr.

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some stills (screengrabs) from some recent jamming/noodling/experimentation at Share NYC (

Updated 12/7/2011 to add some missing pics from the set.

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