danwinckler.com/Open Emu

First things first: Open Emu v1.0.0b2 is now available, featuring a massively refactored architecture, refined user interface, several new emulator cores (GBA, Genesis and SNES), and the first public release of the Quartz Composer plugins. Go get it at openemu.sf.net. 😀 Let us know how you like it and please do send us video, screenshots, bug reports, and tag your stuff on other sites with “openemu” so we can find it.

Open Video Conference

Although I missed most of the conference, what I did experience at OVC on Saturday and Sunday was great: met many interesting people, ingested tasty ideas and saw some great demos. More on this soon. 🙂

Here’s a rough demo video of Open Emu I whipped up for the conference despite intense sleep deprivation.


Open Emu demo from Dan Winckler on Vimeo.