We had a really good, spirited discussion today about science.

CULTURE SHOCK. – think about my own experiences of culture shock – new, constant state of culture shock

  • massive shift in wealth upwards in past 20 years

    • benefits status quo
  • Luciana suggests “Representing and Intervening”

  • other term paper topic: changes in comedy and humor in media

  • read Edgar Allen Poe’s “Descent into the Maelstrom”

  • ?connection between pop music and fascism in Germany in the 30s?

  • roots of vagueness

  • remind Carl about “no, dude, the medium IS the message”

  • send carl link to my perfection essay


20051020 – history

  • many different economies, not just capital. symbolic; gift;

  • where the hell did ‘russian roulette’ come from?

  • chompksy site bittorrent of ‘century of the self’

  • anthropology, psychology, sociology, marketing, branding, adveritsing (‘dream worlds of consumption’) — weren’t they all born at roughly the same time? and they have struggled to move closer and get away from each other (depending) like the snakes on the pole

  • ‘a sucker’s born every minute’ – cross-reference gullibility studies to birthrates 🙂

  • origin of dollar sign: apothecary, caduceus,

  • neo-pre-post-ironists

new history prof: deborah levitt

new phil prof: michael t. zimmer