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Benton-C Bainbridge and Minou Maguna have been shooting interviews with Bill Etra for years and, for the past year and a half, have been assembling a documentary about his life and work. The “sampler cut” below highlights some of the more recent interview footage interspersed with some of Bill’s work over the years. If you don’t know of Bill, he is a pioneer in video engineering, design and performance, and one of the handful of people who can rightly be said to have been the first to do live visuals. This Wired article from 2000 gives a pretty good background.

I saw Flipped Chips at Galapagos tonight, a show of video art by contemporary artists and pioneers like Nam June Paik, Bill Etra and Matthew Schlanger. Works that stood out to me: Matthew Schlanger (beautiful synthesis, all built from oscillators); Karl Klomp, with music by toktek (simple distortion of a vid of a dog, triggered by audio, the results seemed so violent); Jon Satrom (nice sprite rip stuff with a sense of humor); Defanti/Sandin (really pretty and mesmerizing math psychedelia with a charming how-we-do-it video at the beginning); noteNdo / Johnny Beverley 1989! / Jeff, who I played with at the big chiptunes show back in October (excellent textures from hacking the NES). And there was a great Bit Shifter track with Jeff’s video. Speaking of which, Bit Shifter has a new album out and so does David Sugar!

Man I’m tired.

Anyway, to finish up — great stuff. It drove this home:

  • it’s all simple things added together. no magic.
  • minds are pattern recognition engines.
  • the best stuff is elusive and evocative.

Also, I had a fun idea for projections @ Galapagos that I’m going to bounce off of CJ. Now I can crash. Thank Jeebus. I’m still not recovered from the end of the semester pushzzzzzz….