And speaking of great art…here’s another friendly, fill-up-your-face work from Bill Etra.

Benton-C Bainbridge and Minou Maguna have been shooting interviews with Bill Etra for years and, for the past year and a half, have been assembling a documentary about his life and work. The “sampler cut” below highlights some of the more recent interview footage interspersed with some of Bill’s work over the years. If you don’t know of Bill, he is a pioneer in video engineering, design and performance, and one of the handful of people who can rightly be said to have been the first to do live visuals. This Wired article from 2000 gives a pretty good background.

Loyal, that is, to songs of passion from the Middle Ages. Yes! The new Asteria album Soyes Loyal is out and it is beautiful. My dear friends Eric Redlinger and Sylvia Rhyne have released their 2nd album of secular music — love songs — from 15th century Europe, arranged for soprano, tenor and lute. You can hear a few of the tracks now on their site — try Ne Je Ne Dors — and you’ll be able to stream the whole album soon on Magnatune, their record label. Here’s another track from their first album, Quant La Doulce Jouvencelle.


My show with Chris Jordan at Monkeytown last night went really well. We had a good turnout despite the blizzard. The band we played with, This Invitation, was really good: languid, somewhat brooding, slowcore guitar music, kind of like Low. I was doing brushwork that Chris mixed into his visuals, overlaying or underlaying my brush strokes on cityscapes, panoramas, and what looked like microorganisms. There were some really good moments; I really like collaborating with a passthrough like that. Unfortunately, our shipment of battery-powered slide projectors did not arrive in time so we will be doing the audience participation show next time.

image: framegrab from the preshow.