n.b. this is a post fragment that I drafted but did not post until much later (November 6, 2006).

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I took no notes in class this week but in the Structures vein there’s this:

  • on Friday Anton and I continued the investigation into whether or not we have blocked ports on our subnet. using netcat and nmap, we found no blocked ports (we tested on a number of ports iChat uses for video and a couple others like 8080). I had my friend Lou do a one-way video chat with us and send a file and both worked. Note: the Chromium machine is on wireless, not the gigabit ethernet. Don’t use it as a server ’cause the IP address changes and don’t use it for video chats. i plan to run similar tests on the other machines and ask IT what’s blocked on the Poly11 subnet.
  • Carl agreed to give Anton a server login so he can install the shareCMS


Little noted today. Had another lecture from Gavin the Librarian on using the library and numerous search engines/resources. Added those links to http://del.icio.us/plasticpool/polyidm

  • to add a book to the Poly library, http://www.poly.edu/library/suggestions/index.php