Next week I’m flying down to Austin, TX, for South by Southwest 2009 to play the Austin Museum of Digital Art’s Laptop Battle, a head-to-head competition for electronic musicians from all over Texas. I’ll be doing live visuals for part of the night, followed/preceded (not sure yet) by Video Jamz 2012, who are — I’m told — a somewhat absurdist VJ duo (Tom Blackburn and Chad Archer who like to abuse antique video hardware. There will also be a wide assortment of video art by other AMODA-curated artists to see, arrayed pleasingly about The Mohawk, a highly rated venue. It will be hot, hot, hot.

AMODA Laptop Battle
The Mohawk, 912 Red River at 10th St
Friday, March 13th, 9pm-2am
$9 General Admission
$5 for AMODA Members, Free for SXSW badge holders


AMODA posted more details about the show, which I thought I’d share. I’ve been listening to the laptop battle contestants’ tracks on their MySpaces — not done yet but I would already recommend The Mysterious H (chiptunes!) and Uber Dub by Blixaboy. Have a look/listen!


Blixaboy (Dallas)
The Mysterious H (Austin)
Deejay Yayyay (Austin)
Kidko (Austin)
QuantumEyes Ent. (Austin)
Bangalore (Austin)
Caglioso (Austin)
Disco Hospital (Austin)
Cygnus (Dallas)
Grassnose (Austin)
Skinnebrew the Destroyer (Austin)
Sudrok Inalak (Austin)
DXM (Austin)
Traducer (Austin)
Dubbel Dutch (Austin)
Majora (Austin)


John Gomi (G on 5 / The Fifth Gallery)
Craig Negoescu (Naka Media / OpenLabs)
Dave Gonzalez (DJ Starsign)
Amanda Butterfield (YellowTape)

EMCEES: (these guys were great last year. really kept the mood up and the flow going)

Phranchyze (Austin)
Zeale (Austin)

DJ for the rest of the space:<br/>

Learning Secrets

Visual Artists: (presenting pre-recorded material)

Catherine Ross
Daniel Swan
Guthrie Lonergan
James Johnson-Perkins
John Michael Boling & Javier Morales
Mac&Cheez + Mistah Le
Melanie Patiram
Video Jams 2013 (also doing live visuals!)


dan & em before the wedding, originally uploaded by ekornblut (for more of our trip photos, click on this link or the picture above).

Just got back from a lovely vacation in Fort Worth, TX, Eugene and Portland, OR. Emily’s cousin Sarah got married in Fort Worth, hence the new suit! Beautiful wedding, wonderful people. Eugene: wonderful family, beautiful country, good times. Portland: good hotel, beautiful city, wonderful company. 🙂 Inching myself back into work mode now like a hot tub. Or maybe a cold shower. :X

Beautiful new site design by Mary Ann! It’s been in seekrit development for some time now. Thanks for putting it up, MA. 🙂

Tomorrow morning bright and early i’ll be heading off to Owego, NY, for a 5 day residency at the Experimental Television Center. I’ll get back Sunday night, probably. Wish me luck and/or productivity. 🙂

I am pleased to announce that I will be playing AMODA’s Digital Showcase #43 on March 8th. The list of audio and visual performers is long and hot. If you’re going to be in town for SXSW or other reasons, I hope you can make it. I’ll be debuting fresh HD footage and running things with VDMX for the first time (and reviving my long dormant Quartz Composer skills to up the ante).

Last night Emily and I got back from three days in Bremen, Germany, where I was invited to perform at the MENSCHMEERMEDIEN (man, mirror, medium) festival at the Nordwolle fin-de-siecle wool mill. We had a wonderful time and wonderful hosts. Thanks for the invite, Martin! The whole experience went something like:

Monday: Receive invitation via Share discussion list. Accept.
Tuesday: Martin tries to book ticket.
Wednesday: ticket falls through. Dan books incredibly cheap ticket on Emirates. Wednesday afternoon: Emily decides to come and books incredibly cheap ticket on Emirates. Thursday: leave for Hamburg.
Friday: arrive in Bremen. Eat bratwurst and tour the city with alternate historians.
Saturday: perform at massive old Victorian factory. Eat bratwurst. Party all night with splendid Germans.
Sunday morning: conclude party with Turkish/Sri Lankan falafel.
Sunday: act like tourists. Bratwurst. Completely fail to throw up out of one’s nostrils (note: this did not happen).
Monday: return to New York. No bratwurst. 🙁

I played with Axel Himmelmann, who makes excellent music and looks a lot like me. Emily shot some great pics and video of Axel and me performing. You can watch one of them above and the rest on the Internet Archive.