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Last night I checked out my friend Chris’s art installation Synopsis at the Leo Kuelbs Collection in DUMBO. Gorgeous work, elegantly executed. Here are my pics (click for the Flickr set).

Synopsis installation by Chris Jordan

Tomorrow morning bright and early i’ll be heading off to Owego, NY, for a 5 day residency at the Experimental Television Center. I’ll get back Sunday night, probably. Wish me luck and/or productivity. 🙂

I saw Flipped Chips at Galapagos tonight, a show of video art by contemporary artists and pioneers like Nam June Paik, Bill Etra and Matthew Schlanger. Works that stood out to me: Matthew Schlanger (beautiful synthesis, all built from oscillators); Karl Klomp, with music by toktek (simple distortion of a vid of a dog, triggered by audio, the results seemed so violent); Jon Satrom (nice sprite rip stuff with a sense of humor); Defanti/Sandin (really pretty and mesmerizing math psychedelia with a charming how-we-do-it video at the beginning); noteNdo / Johnny Beverley 1989! / Jeff, who I played with at the big chiptunes show back in October (excellent textures from hacking the NES). And there was a great Bit Shifter track with Jeff’s video. Speaking of which, Bit Shifter has a new album out and so does David Sugar!

Man I’m tired.

Anyway, to finish up — great stuff. It drove this home:

  • it’s all simple things added together. no magic.
  • minds are pattern recognition engines.
  • the best stuff is elusive and evocative.

Also, I had a fun idea for projections @ Galapagos that I’m going to bounce off of CJ. Now I can crash. Thank Jeebus. I’m still not recovered from the end of the semester pushzzzzzz….

Today at 2:30 pm Central I’ll be participating in Video Feedback at Aurora Picture Show, a non-profit microcinema and media arts center in Houston, TX.

Do you want your video art critiqued but can’t afford the high price of graduate school? Join Aurora for our FREE inaugural video review series “Video Feedback” with visiting film and video curators and artists. First up is Astria Suparak, a roving one woman powerhouse of independent film and video curation. The first six media makers to sign-up each get a 30 minute critique with Astria. Observers are welcome!

I’m going to be participating via live video stream. You — yes, you! — can watch Video Feedback and the stream of me from my apartment. You may need the latest version of Quicktime Player (free) to watch. Note: you don’t have to give Apple your email address to download it.


Well, that was fun. Thank you to Barna, Astria and everyone else at Aurora for having me. I’m looking forward to meeting you all next month. 🙂 I’ll chop the two stream recordings into a movie and stick them online for you if you like.

image: a photo of Paik's TV Buddha installation.

The seminal video artist Nam June Paik passed away yesterday. In tribute to his ground-breaking, medium-defining work, I’ve uploaded a small excerpt from a performance that I thought fitting to his memory. It’s a brush piece that was drawn with the light of a television. We stand on the shoulders of giants.