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I am exceedingly pleased with myself and even more so with my friends. With the kind assistance of two Dans, a luxz and a vade, I converted a bunch of sprite GIFs from wilyweeps.org and The Mushroom Kingdom into VJ-software-compatible Quicktime movies. It took hours of playing around in Image Ready and After Effects to turn this

image: small mario running


small mario running with alpha

Now, granted I can’t get Firefox or Safari to display the second one the way I want them to but if you download that and stick it in a VJ program you’ll see it’s got a proper alpha channel. All so I can rock out tomorrow at the INTERNATIONAL CHIPTUNES RESISTANCE. Yes, the capital letters mean it’s going to be awesome.

None of this would have happened without the time-consuming, tricky work of ripping the sprites from the ROMs, which was accomplished by the good people at wilyweeps.org and The Mushroom Kingdom, including my friend Jeremiah, who will be rocking the Tank as Nullsleep tomorrow night.

Here are all the sprites as GIFs and MOVs if you would like to use them too. If you’d like to learn how to rip sprites from your favorite games, start with the links in my del.icio.us tagged with sprites, NES and ROMhacking. Please share your sprites!


Sorry about the password protection on the files folder. I’ve removed it so you should be able to get the sprite zips now.