Broken Angel


Corey’s excitement about the mystery house goaded me to find out more about it — after a bit of web-trawling, I’ve come up with a few paltry facts about the house we saw from Tara’s roof.

The party was in Fort Greene. I put Tara’s address into Mapquest, zoomed in, and flipped over to the aerial view. Using my peerless spatial relational skills, I quickly divined that the mystery structure must be on the corner of Quincy Pl and Downing St.


A google search for ‘downing and quincy st brooklyn’ led me to a site called Here’s what it had to say about the house:

This building, on Quincy Place and Downing Street, looks like something Frank Gehry might dream up in an especially vivid flight of fancy. It is the creation of artist Arthur Wood, who has aded a full six stories of brickwork, arches, mirrors and masonry to a four story building he calls “Broken Angel.”

The site also has a digitally stressed-out pic from street level. Also, someone made a documentary about it in ’91.