3D art, 3D life

2D video stuff is great — the painterly approach/aesthetic is massively enjoyable — but I’m still getting a bit bored with it. I want three dimensions. That’s why I’m really excited to try Second Life, “a 3D digital world imagined, created and owned by its Residents,” where just recently a group called Spellbound has created an ingame themepark of Neverland and fin de siecle London. And now that I’ve got a beta version of Anton’s vade, I can manipulate 3D objects in my VJ work. Anton recommended me to Wings 3D, a free, open source modelling program. I’m gonna make me some .obj(ects).

I can see myself having a gallery in Second Life, where you can walk through dimly lit corridors between alcoves filled with moving images. Yet Beth brings up an important point: even though you ‘own’ your work in SL — I haven’t looked into the legal side of this, but no matter what it says, online ownership in games (and in general) is still the Wild West in many ways — you have to pay them to be your gatekeeper; you have to follow their TOS. The next step, naturally, would be moving from a server-based, centrally controlled world to distributed, standards-based, community-maintained worldlets. It’ll happen. In the meantime, I’m gonna give SL a shot.

Virtually mindless Parisian techno

> You know Frank Sinatra?/ He’s dead/ Dead/ Ha ha hee hee hee/ suck my dick/ lick my ass/ in limousines we have sex/ me and my famous friends

Ah, French web radio. Note: if you’ve got a problem with cursewords and mentions of sex, dON’T EMAIL ME — read this post by Mark Cuban.

p.s. This music would be perfect for Dance Dance Data Entry. I’m halfway there — if only I was doing this with a dancepad instead of a keyboard.

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