What to do, what to do

I need to revive my videoblog. It’s been untouched for months. Technical and aesthetic considerations arise.

Aesthetically — and I am nothing if not an aesthete (it says so right here on my nametag) — I’ve been feeling like certain samples from my VJ work would fit right into this box of earth. Fine, then — Thunderbirds are go for adding some new vids from my VJ patches. But here we hit a technical snag: bandwidth.

The old vids are small. My new VJ work is much larger and finely detailed, like the maps patch, which some of you have seen. After experimenting with different codecs, the smallest decent-looking sample of the maps patch I can produce is 50 meg — 10 times the average size of the previous vids. Even compromising on ‘decent-looking’, I could only post about 5 vids at that size using just my server space. And pretty as they may be, no one’s going to remix these vids unless I offer up high-res versions. Possible solution: the Internet Archive. A search for “video art” turns up a good handful of not-just-music-videos, so it looks like this is possible. I think I’ll submit the maps patch as a test run. Thoughts?

Eric (Redlinger)! Pleasepleaseplease run my patch on the G5 so I can upload a supernice version.

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