Figures. Grounded.

Darrah and I are in roommate search hell. We’ve offered it to at least 5 people, for whom it was:

  • too far west
  • too dark
  • too small
  • too expensive
  • too I-already-found-a-place-sorry, mainly.

Bargh. If you know anyone cool who’s looking for a sublet starting around July 1st or a long term place, let me know.

In my desolation, frustration and boredom-nation, I cut a sketch out of my new sketchbook (thanks again to Ilan for the Rapidograph pen recommendation 🙂 and printed it on an iron-on.

image: a stick figure man, inverted, falling into the sea...or is he falling into the sky?

I’ll post a picture of the shirt later.


The shirt. The iron-on turned out great. I did a quick color correction on the photo to match the pink of the shirt but as you can see, it looks like I’m standing in a pink light.

image: a close-up of the iron-on on the shirt, worn by yours truly.

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