on the face of the earth

Big news: Emily and I are engaged. 🙂 Two weeks ago while we were upstate apple-picking with some friends, I proposed and Emily said yes. And before you ask, no, we haven’t set a date or a place yet. 🙂

image: emily and i getting engaged. Flickr set: apple pickin’

This trumps all other news but it doesn’t get me out of doing a proper post. What else? I’ve been very (good) busy with work for the past couple months, beginning with a major project for us: the audio, video and lighting design for an art installation by William Pope.L at Hauser & Wirth gallery. We spent large chunks of August and September collaborating with Pope.L on the design and the producer Adi Nachman on making it all happen (both of whom were great to work with), and installing everything at the gallery. The installation closed on Saturday, October 24th, after a successful five week run, and I’m told that attendance was usually about 100 visitors/day and much higher on peak days.

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