My friend Don (a.k.a. No-Carrier) got sick and asked me to sub for him this Friday at Lit Lounge, playing with Nullsleep, Anamanaguchi and Cheap Dinosaurs. Feel better, Don! Here’s the show flyer and info.

The Blue and Red 3D Spectacular
Cheap Dinosaurs

Friday, 9 pm
Lit Lounge (2nd Ave between 5th and 6th St)
$6 cover (I think)
Ages: 21+


dan & em before the wedding, originally uploaded by ekornblut (for more of our trip photos, click on this link or the picture above).

Just got back from a lovely vacation in Fort Worth, TX, Eugene and Portland, OR. Emily’s cousin Sarah got married in Fort Worth, hence the new suit! Beautiful wedding, wonderful people. Eugene: wonderful family, beautiful country, good times. Portland: good hotel, beautiful city, wonderful company. 🙂 Inching myself back into work mode now like a hot tub. Or maybe a cold shower. :X

Beautiful new site design by Mary Ann! It’s been in seekrit development for some time now. Thanks for putting it up, MA. 🙂

This Saturday at The Tank, we’ll be doing a live This Spartan Life show, hosting Pulsewave, the monthly chiptunes event. Is machinima. Is funny. Has live music. Hope see you there.


This Spartan Life Hosts Pulsewave at The Tank July 26 with 3 live chiptune acts!

Please note new address for The Tank, below

Damian Lacedaemion will be joined by AeroMC, Fyb3roptik, Dan O’Conduit, Amber of the Solid Gold Elite Dancers and 8 Bit Collective forum members, live on screen via XBox Live!

In gamespace, no one can see you sweat.

Pulsewave is the monthly live chiptune music event in NYC. This Spartan Life is the award winning “talk show in gamespace.”

Your host, Damian Lacedaemion enters the unpredictable multiplayer universe to interview various guests and luminaries all within the 3D gamespace of Halo 3 on Xbox Live.

This time, Damian and the crew from This Spartan Life will be on screen live to host a special Pulsewave with musical guests from the upper reaches of chiptune Valhalla:

Unicorn Dream Attack
Neil Voss

Visuals by the incomparable No Carrier!
Special machinima videos!
Live interaction between avatars and audience!
The bizarre and frightening world of the ub3r 1337 on graphic display!

All with a heavy dose of CHIPTUNES and EXPLOSIONS!

Don’t miss it!

Saturday, July 26, 2008 at The Tank
87 Lafayette St @ White St
New York, NY, 10013
Cost : $10
Doors open at 9PM

The Tank has lost its venue. 🙁 If you liked the Blip Festival (chiptunes) and the Bent Festival (circuit bending), please spread this far and wide so more people can help the Tank (and Collective: Unconscious) find a new space.

**info page

The Tank Loses Its Home…Again
Sudden Move Highlights Challenges To NYC’s Independent Arts Scene

The Tank, a non-profit venue that has been providing a creative, collaborative home for emerging artists for the past five years, is about to need a new home of its own. But for this young company that moved 3 times in its first 3 years, this is familiar, if undesirable, territory.

Forced to leave its current home by July 31st, The Tank will continue presenting in this period of transition. But by August, this collective of performing arts and public affairs will move into a temporary space, while it searches for a more stable, long-term venue for 2009. As of now, neither the transitional venue nor the next home are determined.

Damage caused by massive plumbing problems, compounded by irreconcilable issues with the building’s owner, has created a costly, unwelcome and untenable situation at 279 Church Street in Tribeca, where The Tank had made its home with the performing arts presenters Collective: Unconscious (C:U) since January, 2006. At this time, C:U also intends to continue presenting, although is unsure where.

“After we lost our original home on 42nd Street, it wasn’t clear if we’d survive the transition. But we’ve been on Church Street longer than we were on 42nd – we not only survived, we expanded,” explained Founder and Managing Director Mike Rosenthal, who has curated two of The Tank’s most successful offerings: the annual Bent Festival of experimental music and Blip Festival of Game Boy generated music. “It’s a shame to move so suddenly after all the work we’ve put into this space – but we need to feel our artists and audience are coming to a welcoming, healthy setting…and we’re going to make that true.” […]

Benton and Minou have uploaded a bunch of great photos from the Brother Islands performance. Here’s a shot of Ryder and me as ghosts, lying in the leaves on the cold concrete floor of Eyebeam as the audience was getting settled. I shook almost uncontrollably. With what control I had, I stopped periodically to mess with the audience. Some children sitting across from me were very intrigued by Ryder and I.

child: Dad, look! Her leg just fell! [off the edge of the pool]
child: Dad, Dad! He’s shaking! He opened his eyes again!

image: Ryder and I on the floor during the Brother Islands pre-show

And here’s the pool by which we lay, from Minou’s photos.
image: the pool in the Brother Islands set.