all about mcluhan’s medium is the message

  • wiki toynbee, spengler, wyndham lewis

  • mashup media (content is the preceding) with kabbalah diagram thingie

les demoiselles d’avignon

subway today thoughts: is advertising the content of manufactured goods? people didn’t use to have words on their clothing (unless maybe they were a shaman). saw a woman today with pseudo-japanese-futurist writing on her jeans. saw a man the other day with that jacket covered with all the logos of all the NBA teams. if everything’s magical then nothing’s magical….? the more i study, the more things look jsut like Transmetropolitan.

how long does it take for butter to go bad? in a fridge.

  • must read finnegan’s wake

  • must write a new improv manifesto

  • make tesselation of NES controller 4-cross (illustrator? or photoshop?)

  • mcluhan’s writing is like what it’s about (cubist, poetic)

  • how many times can you fold popular culture?

  • painters shocked into a different mode by Pollack:

    • French gestural painters
    • Michaux
    • tachisme -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachisme
  • critics: Harold Rosenberg, Clement Greenberg
  • the sublime is now by barnett newman

  • HOMEWORK: watch nanook of the north (on library reserve). MAKE the medium Be the message. !! think big sentence sandwich. think folding.

  • BRING in the blink of an eye for Anton


Benjamin – unfinished Arkaden project

  • and so we voted to bell the jester.

  • film ended a certain kind of originality

  • ask Carl if he knows of more Cornell boxes in NYC

  • another angle on term paper: changing definitions of originality and creativity in fin de siecle art in____…


note: items preceded by dashes are notes, items preceded by asterisks are todo items for yours truly

  • perfection. word made real, god’s ‘visualization’ of creation before the servile act of creation.
  • the estates: aristocracy, church, people, press, …
  • artist as medium in middle ages. medium between god and, er…stuff.
  • foucault’s ‘the order of things’ — good general history of phil.
  • french phil: all translations bad — no sense of humor.
  • look for double language editions of some french phil.
  • GOT TO READ BORGES; borrow collection from Carl
  • quote from borges in foucault’s order of things intro: “m. having just broken the water pitcher” – one classification of animals from a ‘chinese encyclopedia’
  • Borges did a lot of fake quotes.
  • the piano opened the door for the TV. TV required a clock — universal time.
  • investigate Shostakovich/Vertov link


A lot of bleedover from Structures today (as usual) since Carl is teaching both classes. Not that anyone has a problem with that. today we continued on the topic of detournement by watching the 1927 Soviet remix of cinematographe footage of the Romanovs and other (German, Austrian, English, French) imperialist warpigs: the first remix of film against the intentions/worldviews of the people who shot it, which practice is common (and delicious) now. i recorded audio of today’s and yesterday’s classes for Eric so if anyone else (from class*) wants it, ask.

Er…what then…we got to talking about theater. Carl gave a detailed description of a Sankai Juku show he saw some years ago, which revealed itself so slowly, enrapturing the audience so thoroughly that when a number of digital watches in the audience chimed the hour, no one knew what hour it was. i thought, ‘god, i love good theater.’

Somehow I got to thinking about the elaborate, profuse apologies that philosophers and composers (e.g., Descartes, Leibniz) used to put at the beginnings of their works, letting their (usually royal) patron know how meager their efforts were in comparison to the generosity and magnificence of that patron. Then I considered all the times I’ve heard people apologize for their [sketch|photos|videos|drawings|hairstyle] before presenting it to their [comedy group|class|parents]. I’d like to do a formal apology (in period dress and diction) in prelude to a sketch show.

We showed the rest of our screentests (a Warholian, co-instructive exercise in learning how to use the cameras, lighting kits and Final Cut Pro (‘course I know this stuff backwards and forwards heh heh bleh)). Seth shot his with two cameras about 30 degrees apart. I suppose he intended to sync them perfectly but there was a lag so that one Seth would turn his head and smile 5 or 20 seconds (he messed with it) before the other one. Why did we laugh; what was funny about it? Hmmmm. It got Carl talking about widely divergent audio and video in film…how your brain works 3 and a half times as much constructing relations between the two than when the foley artist goes ‘clop’ each time the horsie’s hoof hits the ground. This got me thinking about how to use the delay inherent in telepresent improv.

I was pleased with the reception of my screen test, which was one long drooltake set to Eno’s Thursday Afternoon as I gazed at the spinning stars, my philosopher stick figure and, finally, the IDMI logo. When the logo appeared,

CARL: “you’re getting beat up at recess.”


How was the drool done? last week I had a bad canker sore and bought this carbamide peroxide foamy stuff to clean it out. It made for some great drool. I put a bunch in my mouth, started the camera and slowly drooled for five minutes. Only a few people from class (and Carl) saw it so it was a good surprise.

image: me drooling in my screentest.

HOMEWORK: TWO ASSIGNMENTS DUE IN TWO WEEKS on the subject of “Perfection.” One written (for philosophy), one made (for structures).

* sorry, non-IDM grads. you no get to listen. i got a lot of work and no time to run a bootleg university. :p